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Process Hacker 2.38.343

Process Hacker Review:

 Windows is one of the most used operating system. It is used widely by many people all over the world. Sometimes, Windows operating system has some problem in executing certain applications. When the system is running many processes, there is a chance that it may crash. You must have faced similar problems on your system. When the system hangs, it gets very difficult to get it back on. You must be equipped to deal with such problems.

 About Process Hacker

 Process Hacker deals with all the problems that a system can face over a period of time. It makes it easy to handle processes which can make the system crash. You can Monitor the processes and prevent the system from being in a crashed state for a long time. You can also troubleshoot when the system crashes. Hence, Process Hacker is very useful in multiple situations. It lets you keep track of various parameters of processes. In case a process makes your system crash, you can view its details and close it. Process Hacker is very useful for various reasons.
 Here are some things that make Process Hacker very beneficial:
 - Well designed interface makes it easy to use.
 - Can be used for efficient troubleshooting as well as monitoring the system.
 - Makes you understand the system on a process level.
 - You can extend the life of your computer by keeping it safe from crashing.
 - View all processes and the resources they are using.

 More About Process Hacker

 Process Hacker makes it easy to take care of system crashes in an easy way. You can examine any possible process crashing in an efficient manner. You will have no trouble accessing the information about every process. Process Hacker is designed in such a way that it can access information regarding any process irrespective of the software. Hence, you can get various parameters about each process. You can easily make use of this information and get the best results for your system. You will not waste any time recovering from the crash. It deals with a lot more than processes. It can also take care of DLLs and modules.

 Process Hacker is useful to everyone. If you are an expert in computers, you can benefit more from this software. You can take advantage of all the features offered by Process Hacker. This open source software is very essential in every system in order to prevent it from being damaged.

Changes on the new version:
* Added labels to indicate the maximum data point in each I/O graph
* Graph grids now scale correctly when resized
* Improved high DPI scaling
* Added exploit mitigation policy information to process properties (Windows 8 and above)
* Added File modified time and File size columns for processes and modules
* Added Key modified time column for services
* Clicking a tray icon now shows the pop-up UI (useful for touch-enabled devices)
* The NetAdapters plugin has been renamed to HardwareDevices
- This plugin shows network adapter and disk drive graphs
- If you are manually upgrading, please delete NetAdapters.dll from the plugins folder
* Updated UserNotes plugin:
- Added "Collapse by default" option for processes
Other changes:
* Added "Start when I log on" option
* Added "Not responding" text to tray icon rich pop-up for programs that are hung
* Added right-click menu and double-click action for environment variables
* Added dialog box to show long command line strings
* Added Time stamp column for processes
* Added -sysinfo command line parameter for opening System Information at startup
* Added 32x32 icons for high DPI displays
* Digital signature verification is now performed with very low I/O priority
* Improved performance when handling a large number of threads, modules or handles
* The pop-up UI no longer displays when double-clicking the tray icon
* Fixed ASLR state being shown as N/A in process properties
* Fixed multi monitor window placement bug
* Fixed handle enumeration bug affecting processes with PID >= 65536
* Fixed Interrupts being missing from the max CPU usage history
* Updated ToolStatus plugin:
- Added 32x32 icons for high DPI displays
- Fixed status bar crash

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